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11. StormLighter UnderBoss
The StormLighter UnderBoss™ offers an integrated 150 Lumen blinding long-throw white light/aiming laser that will fit ANY FULL LENGTH PICATINNY RAIL on a rifle! Built for the rigors of military combat. Can be quick mounted in less than a second, or screwed on permanently! Also available in LED and Infrared versions with visible and IR lasers. Export Controls apply.

  • Dot size 1 MOA
  • Size 4"x1.5"x2"
  • Lumens 150 in halogen, 150 in LED
  • Weight 3.2 ounces
  • Length overall: 3.25"
  • Width max 1.75"
  • Comes with remote flag switch.
  • Mounts to any PICATINNY rail on rifle.
  • Momentary, lock-on, touch on or remote switch activatable.
  • (2) 123 series 3volt lithium batteries, included.
  • Aramid fiber composite lightweight housing with steel fastening points.
  • Can be rapidly affixed and removed without placing hand in front of muzzle.
  • Can also be permanently affixed and locked down.
  • 635nm visible red laser, maximum output power allowed by law.
  • Top quality optical laser projection system focuses beam better yielding 50% greater effective laser projection, up to 2000 yards in darkness.
  • Visible in bright sunlight to 400 yards.
  • Field replaceable batteries and bulbs without tools, my be field altered for IR, LED or Halogen lighting as mission requires.
  • 1 year warranty.

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StormLighter UnderBoss fits any full size PICATINNY rifle rail
StormLighter UnderBoss LED fit any full size PICATINNY rifle rail

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