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06. StormLighter X-21
The StormLighter X-21 with a 2.5 inch head offers outputs to 500 lumens and is available in both standard 12 and 9 volt lithium battery versions and new 4500mAh rechargeable systems with run times approaching nearly two hours! Waterproof, Shock Isolated, MilSpec, also available in IR versions. Export Controls apply.

Retail: $199.95

  • Length: 10
  • Width Head: 2.25
  • Width Body: 30MM
  • Weight: 15.0 oz
  • Material: Mil Std 6061 511 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy, Body functions as heat sink.
  • Lamp: Xenon/Halogen/Argon High Intensity vapor-sealed, incandescent High Temperature Filament Bulb.
  • Wattage: 6.5 watts
  • Voltage: 12 Volts Nominal, 7.2 volts in rechargeable mode.
  • Output: 500 Lumens/450 Lumens Rechargeable
  • Runtime: To 1 hour, dependent on battery performance. 3 hour on LED and rechargeable
  • Lamp Mounting: Permanent Soldered, Spring Isolated Shock resistant on weapon axis to 1250G.
  • Lens: Optical Grade Borosilicate Glass, Iridium coated for 5500k daylight equivalent beam.
  • Reflector: Parabolic Shaped silver halide coated over etch-stippled finish to eliminate filament ring shadows.
  • Remote Switch (optional accessory): Pressure pad, waterproof 6 inch cable, replaces tail cap.
  • Power source: (4) 123 series Lithium Batteries Rechargeable,(2)3.7 volt 2400MA batteries.

[ Weapon Mounted View 1 ]

[ Weapon Mounted View 2 ]

StormLighter X-21 12V Aluminum Interrogator Bezel, Aluminum 30MM Body, Lock Out Bezel, Waterproof to 100 Ft. 500 Lumens (non-rechargeable batteries only)
StormLighter X-21 LED Rechargable 7.4V, 450 LUMENS, 2 RECHARGABLE BATTERIES, AC CHARGER
StormLighter X-21 Rechargeable Torch 7.4V, Aluminum Interrogator, Aluminum 30MM Body, Lock Out Bezel, 2 Battery & 1 Charger, Waterproof to 100 Ft. 450 Lumens
DOH 280
Replacement Glass Lens for X-21, Iridium coated

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