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The StormLighter™ X-15 Tactical Entry light is the most advanced weapon mountable entry light on the market today. Its shock isolated bulb can endure the pounding of large caliber automatic weapons fire. With astonishing outputs to 150 lumens, they are the brightest 6 volt weapon lights in the world. Constructed of the world's toughest materials and tested in the battle zones of Baghdad and south-central Los Angeles, the StormLighters have the proven reliability required for lethal environments. The Impact bezel is made from 1045 through hardened steel. Its patent pending glass breaker is designed to shatter glass with the same hand holding the light, rather than shooting out the rear window as the car drives off.

All StormLighter Lights are made of aircraft grade 6061 T6 511 aluminum, with the most comprehensive finishing and anti-corrosion treatments on the market today! All are alodined for conductivity enhancement, hard anodized for protection from the environment, and triple coated with molybdenum disulfide and manganese phosphate finishing. The dedicated gun modules are Class 3 anodized for IR invisibility. The massive X-15 and X-12 bodies fits standard 30mm scope rings and features our patent pending lockout bezel assembly, which completely disables the light as needed. The X-8 is also shock isolated and will work with all 1 inch systems. All will operate at full power from -10° to +130° Fahrenheit. With 6 Viton® high-temp double O-rings at the connection surfaces, they are waterproof. The High-temp, high transmissibility Iridium coated borosilicate glass won't deform like plastic lenses, is field replaceable and is recessed to avoid powder spray from the muzzle blast. The replaceable steel belt clip is big enough to work with military web belts, and prevents the light from rolling. Unlike complicated multifunction lights with electronics that can fail and functions that can be catastrophically mixed up under the pressure of live fire engagements, all StormLighter lights are designed to exactly what a tactical light should -- provide powerful illumination on targets that need it! Its twin 123 Series 3 volt lithium batteries (included) drive the Xenon/Halogen bulb to a devastating 150 peak lumens! The reflector is milled from solid aluminum and mirror chromed with a stipling that diffuses the off-axis light into a flawless, dazzling beam absent the dark rings of lesser lights. Each bulb is factory focused for life! The momentary/lock-on switch allows for intermittent tactical use as well as single thumb lock-on activation. The patent pending recessed tail switch prevents inadvertent activation in combat environments. Milled lanyard holes will take standard military paracord. Replacement parts and batteries are readily available from the StormLighter website or premier tactical dealers worldwide!

The StormLighter X-15 Mounted on an AR-15

The StormLighter X-15 in Action

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